Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2Cinder (Reflective)

The Adidas YeezyBoost350 V2Cinder Reflective has a charcoal-grey premium-knit base, with the famous -translucent strip Semion the quarter panel, giving it a reflective appearance thanks to 3M technology. Reflective. Gumsole Boost is always present, and completes the design signed Yeezy.

The 350 V2 models know more and more their version Reflective, adding a real added value to the pair and allowing to vary the pleasures…

SKU: FY4176
Release date: : March 2020


UK06.5/UK07.5, UK06/US07, UK07.5/US08.5, UK07/US08, UK08.5/US09.5, UK08/US09, UK09.5/US10.5, UK09/US10, UK10.5/US11.5, UK10/US11, UK11/US12


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