Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions is applicable to all purchases on Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) – any violation or attempt to violating the terms and conditions may result in your order being cancelled. In severe cases, we reserve the right to block you from placing future orders.

When shopping on Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ), you must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the purchase and have access to a valid method of payment. All references to time on our website, is to be considered IST.

Consumer sales

Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) only deals on the consumer market. All prices shown online and these terms and conditions is only valid for strictly personal consumer purchases. In case your order is not considered personal consumer purchase, item prices and shipping prices shown online is not applicable and you might be faced with added shipping costs or see your order being cancelled. Consumer purchase can only contain items that is strictly for your own personal use.

Any one order may be subject to extensive review, regarding purchase pattern – including review of but not limited to: purchase frequency, sizes and items bought, quantity and more.

Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) does not accept orders designed for resale. Should we at any time suspect that any order is not intended for strictly personal consumer use or suspect it is to be used for commercial purposes, we reserve the right to cancel the order or contact your regarding an added shipping cost.

Limited edition

For all items marked as limited edition or items named (at least partly) as limited edition, there will always be a standard limit of 1 (one) piece per customer/address/order. This is non-negotiable. The address may be but is not limited to: offline and online addresses, such as postal address, email address, ip address. If we find that any one order violates the limit, we reserve the right to cancel all connected orders. In severe cases we reserve the right to block the customer from placing future orders.

Payment and delivery

We only accept online payment methods and you can pay using your cards like visa, master card, american express,maestro card. Also, we do not accept payment upon delivery under any circumstance. Fees may apply from your bank and/or card issuer. Also the list of available payment methods may change without prior notice.

After ordering the product, you can not ask for cancellation of product as it is shipped as soon as we receive the order. And you can ask for cancellation after receiving the product but only with the conditions mentioned below in Return Heading

All prices are listed in US DOLLAR and EURO. To the item price, shipping fee may be added. Customers living in any country except china may be required to pay customs or import duties when parcels reach the destination country. These charges must be paid in full by the recipient of the parcel. Customs and import duties vary widely from country to country, and we are therefore not able to inform you of specific charges for your country but we always try to skip it with all possible and legal means.Customers living in these regions may be required to pay customs or import duties when parcels reach the destination country. These charges must be paid in full by the recipient of the parcel.

Customs and import duties vary widely from country to country, and we are therefore not able to inform you of specific charges for your country.

The customer takes full liability for all postal charges, return shipping costs, customs charges and handling fees. Should they refuse to accept a parcel due to import duties taxes or other reasons, then Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) reserve the right to deduct our return expenses from the refund. In case the return expenses is higher than the order value, no refund will be done. If Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) were to receive any later charges on the delivery, then Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) reserve the right to charge your card, if we were to receive any later charges on the delivery.

Delivery times throughout the world , is expected to be 10-15 working days. Delivery times are expected, and is not guaranteed. Local circumstances may influence on delivery times, Ex. customs handling, local holidays etc. You can see expected delivery times on each product. Note: adding personalisation adds 2-4 working days to your expected delivery time.

We use Best possible service to deliver your parcel according to our convenience. We do deliver to most countries in the world, all available countries are listed on the FAQ PAGE. The list of available countries may change without any notice.

Shipping fees

As Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) only operates within the business to consumer market, our prices (incl. shipping fees) are based on our customers buying only for their own personal use. The standard shipping fee is based on any one order being able to fit into one of our standard sized shipping packages. Any one order that requires a larger shipping box, depending on the size and weight of the box required, may be subject to an additional shipping fee by the courier, which will be payable by the customer.

Fraud prevention

To help prevent payment fraud, we may contact you and request additional information – in case we or our payment provider would have any concerns regarding your order. The additional information may be, but not limited to, proof of billing and/or delivery address. We will not cancel or not accept an order without contacting you, unless we are certain the order was was not genuinely placed by the card/account holder.

Credit card and account fraud is illegal, and we will in all cases work and cooperate with all relevant domestic and international law enforcement agencies to prevent and prosecute all fraudulent visitors.

If you have any questions about our fraud prevention methods, please contact support@sneakerswala.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Right to return

You always have the right to return any item without cause, within 07 day from purchase. The 07 days counts from the date when you or someone else, receives the delivery. And the parcel should be shipped on the day you raised the ticket of return with us or within the 07 day time window of return. If not then the refund/replacement is not authorized. If the 07 day time period ends on a exclusive holiday, the time is extended to the first coming weekday. Saturday and Sunday are working days. You can contact us any time.

How to use you right to return

If you want to use your right to return, you have to send us an email to raise a ticket. Please do list what you are returning and your order number and your order date.

We consider the 07 day limit upheld, if you inform us of decision to use your right within the 07 day. Also, the parcel must be sent directly to our address we will mention. Return deliveries made to a parcel shop or similar, can not be accepted. and if parcel is not received by us due to any inconvenience then we are not liable for any sort of refund of amount and same goes for replacement. We will initiate replacement/refund after receiving and analyzing the parcel you sent to us. But if it not received then we are not liable to any refund or replacement.

Address will be given by us and it is must to send at the exact address we will be sharing otherwise we are not liable to refund or replace. Please note, we do not accept packages sent cash on delivery (COD).

When returning an item, you will only be liable to cover any loss in value that may be caused by any other handling being beyond what is necessary to establish the condition, fit and the function of the item.

Refunding payment

When using your right to return, you have to include a copy of the order confirmation. This is not an absolute requirement, but the handling time will be faster if you fill out our form on the invoice. We will reimburse you for the money you have paid us. The amount will we transferred to you only as soon as we have received the returned item and ensured that it meets our conditions of returns. The only cost for you when returning/regretting an order is the delivery cost for returning the item to us. And we are not liable to pay that amount.

We will always process such a reimbursement or refund to the same method payment, as you used when paying for the order – unless we have clearly agreed to do otherwise.

The amount will we transferred to you only as soon as we have received the returned item and ensured that it meets our rules for returns. Please note, we do not accept packages sent cash on delivery (COD).

Test of fit and packaging

You are allowed to examine the item, the same way you are allowed to and possible when shopping in a physical store – but you may not in anyway start using the product. If you have started using the item, or have tested it out in a way that is beyond what is expected from a physical shop, and we can not re-sell it or not sell it at full value, you must expect us to reduce/cancel your refund with the loss of value. If the item has fully lost any value, we will not refund you.

When returning any item, you are obliged to ensure the item is safely wrapped. You bear all risk for the parcel and the items, until we receive it. We advise you to ask for a receipt when returning, and if possible track and trace information.


For all footwear Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) uses at least two out of three major sizing at anyone time:UK and US. Any piece of footwear will always list either US or UK. The conversion between the two sizing, is complicated and may vary depending on brand. We therefore always encourage customer to consult either the manufacturer’s official size chart.  This is important as return and exchange of any such items, is not something Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) covers.

Boot Box & bags

Usually any boot, will include a boot box & bag. However, the manufactures can not guarantee all boxes include boot bags. Therefore, Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) can not guarantee it either. Neither is a boot box and boot bag considered essential for the functioning of the shoes or boots. A boot box and bag is therefore not considered an integral part of the product and same stands for box as well as sometime to skip customs Sneakers Wala ( www.sneakerswala.com ) prefer their own packaging which is completely safe for the product, and any product with this kind of issue missing a boot bag or box will not be considered for replacement or refund.

Updated: 03/06/2018


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